Prayer Requests


March 6 & 12, 2021 Email from March 6, 2021
Dear Family, We were robbed in the night and thieves got away with everything we have and left only empty beds , Enock and Lwanga were brutally beaten and we believe Enock’s leg is broken again all kids are in fear and scared . I have opened up a case at the police and we have been told that they will investigate, we have moved on to the widows house now since our home is empt , I had left home to check on my brother in Masaka who is sick and when I returned in the morning I found sister Joan here and got shocked with the blood in the house and it was empty. We kindly ask for your prayers for both Enock and Lwanga for a special healing ‚cause they are in much pain… Priscilla

Email from March 12, 2021
Here is a picture of Lwanga and Enock. Lwanga isn’t well so he sleeps most of the time and Enock is nursing the fractures from the beating but can limp around with help but spends most of the time sleeping because of the back pain. Please keep praying for us . We wish you a blessed new day and a blessed Sabbath.

Feb 22, 25 & 26 2021 Emails from Uganda

Email from February 22, 2021
Shalom dear maama and family

Thank you so much for the lord’s teachings. Hope you are doing well today? We are doing good and we thank our lord for the protection. Maama still our internet is sometimes shut down and it’s really getting worse again here since we can’t move out of our houses.

The military is everywhere and everyone is under fear, we got more orphans whose parents were shot dead, most of them beaten to death during elections and they didn’t have anywhere to lie down and they came here since it’s a home for everyone, we are most likely to get into a war, all markets are closed again. It’s like a lockdown and we really just have to pray and ask for the lord’s protection upon us maama, ‚cause people are dying and most especially we the youth.

Please pray for us maama, most of our potatoes which were almost getting ready to be harvested were stolen from the garden, our Cassava too and this is due to the lockdown and people are no longer allowed to get to their jobs and so thieves and wicked people stole our food in the garden.

Maama and Dad, we are safe and most of our new brothers and sisters sleep in the widows house, Felix and his mother are doing good, maama and his mother is getting better through the lord’s healing. Maama we really need your prayers for the lord’s protection and more provisions of food, firewood toothpaste and Laundry soap since, it’s really a large number now here we get new friends everyday like 3 to 4 and we are so happy we can still be a blessing to them maama.

We wish you a blessed Morning dear maama , Dad and brother Pascal, Sasha and a blessed new week with love.❤❤

Email from February 25, 2021
Dear maama and family

Hope you are doing well, I managed to get a few food and necessities for the all Family but still today in the morning we got more families that sent their kids to come for help and we got there and helped out.

Maama police men took our motorcycle when we came to a road block and they asked for a driving license which I didn’t have, we had firewood and a few more things for the family with us. Yesterday I was almost detained but my lord helped me and they let me go, but I took our things that were on the bike home.

We couldn’t get the penalty they wanted and the license too. Lwanga couldn’t get there since he is not feeling well, so they took our motorcycle which we use to get to the market, the late Kigongo had a license. I feel so bad that it’s going to be difficult to reach out to our needy families in our community and even getting to the market without the bike. Maama please pray for us and also for the hearts of these officers to have mercy on us.

We love you so much we wish you a blessed day, maama… Enock

Email from February 26, 2021

It’s amazing how take care of simple needs like food, clothes, sandals and hygiene products can open the door for the people to not only be fed but to genuinely know how much God loves them.

Thank you so much to all our dear Maama and Dad, for showing His love to hurting people all over the world. Keep us in your prayers for the lord to make it possible for us to get our bike back home.

We wish you a blessed new day.


Dear Sisters and Brothers, thank you for your support of our ministry. Thanks to you, we are able of help all of these poor brothers and sisters! May the Lord bless your love-filled hearts that make this possible. In His love, Jackie & Family

Feb 13, 2020 Email from Gambia
Hello mom and familyHow are you doing? Hope you all are well, blessed, healthy and safe. May His blessings always be with you all, Amen 🙏Thank you for your sharing this beautiful song. Hope you guys too had a nice sabbath day there… We love you allSorry I couldn’t reply to your last message… I am very sick this today I have a bad pneumonia chest pain with malaria, my breathing i have been in bed all these days and the weather is very cold it disturbs me I need your prayers mom and family. I cannot do anything right now. Please, pray for my healing 🙏We love you all mom and family… A big hug, prayers and love to father Theo and brother PascalI love you mom
Your son Modou
Feb 11, 2021 Email from Uganda
Hope your having a wonderful day
Ours was lovely
Have a Blessed Lovely week.Meet our new little brother we got today in the morning, a lady came here and talked to Lwanga seeking for help since she couldn’t feed or take care of little Luba Felix, the mother is in a bad condition and sick due to HIV/AIDS so she decided to bring her son here and the son is HIV positive and sick too, both were hungry and we fed them. We are so blessed to have a new brother. I have given him my bed, mattresse, Blanket and the mosquito net too. I dont mind at all if I sleep on the floor as long as he is in safety. Thank you lord.Maama please pray for his life and his mother too for a healing from our lord and Felix’s needs too maama and for the whole family too and we got more families that wanted help but we had only little food and we couldn’t share with them, maama, pray for them too mama for our lord to make a way for them too.We wish you a blessed evening.
June 10, 2020 Our friend and caretaker in Gambia has asked us for prayer and financial help to build a small house for his family and some poor brothers and sisters on his land. They have been moving around for years now, and it would mean a lot to them, if they had a place to live. So let’s pray and ask for the Lord’s Will to be done there too…
June 10,
Email from Uganda
Hope you are doing good today. Well today morning we decided to move in our community and we had prayers and shared the love letters to our kids in the community and some other widows too, am so happy that I can serve my Yahushua and I would love to be so until I leave my flesh, many prayers and much love was sent to you, Dad and our dear 2 brothers, so after that they also asked for your prayers for the provisions of mattresses and blankets so that they can get warm nights and sleep well too, I found most of them just sleeping on the floor, a few of them had those dirty ones that you can see which they collected on the rubbish pits, they really need mattresses and blankets too, so let’s keep them in our prayers as we seek Yahushua to provide for them for He is our only provider maama and they all know that prayers are the most powerful of all. Maama we also ask for your prayers for provisions of food and firewood maama so that we can prepare something for the kids and widows. See Images
May 2020 Email from Uganda
Thieves have assaulted our family and have stolen almost everything they had, which included also the blankets of the children… One of the caretakers, Enock, was also beaten and hurt very badly, please pray for their protection and healing.
Aug. 12,
We ask for your Prayers for our orphans and widows in Uganda and Gambia. They did not have anything to eat for days now. At the moment it is not possible for us to help them with the most urgent needs. Please also pray for the healing of brother Jingo. He is one of the caretakers in Uganda. He had an accident and is now sitting in a wheelchair.
June 26,
We ask for your prayers for our orphans and widows in Uganda und Gambia. At the moment it is not possible for us to support them with their most urgent needs, because the donations have dropped quite a bit. But the Lord’s hand is never never too short and your prayers may bring about a miracle. Thank you so much.Please also pray for the healing of Jingo. He is one of the caretakers in Uganda. He had an accident and is now in the hospital.
Uganda… Prayer Request for our Sister Ruth in Uganda
Uganda… Jingo, one of the orphanage caretaker in Uganda, has been arrested, because he borrowed money for the hospital bill and funeral of his wife, who died after an accident. He owes appr. 3’000 USD to some people, who want about 20 % interest per month. Since he couldn’t pay the money back, they sent the police to arrest him. So please pray for mercy and a solution… Thank you all for your support and prayers!
Uganda & Gambia… Lwanga, orphanage caretaker in Uganda, lives at the moment with extreme pain und would urgently need a surgery, since his kidneys only work 5%.
Modou from Gambia has fallen from a tree and he cannot walk anymore, please pray for a healing of our two brothers und for financial means for food and the most urgent needs… The Lord bless you all.
Nov 19 Email from Uganda… I have a prayer request today. Please pray for the protection of our land, where we have planted our gardens to harvest food for our village. We have registered the land in our village, as all people do, but to protect it from theft and speculators, we also need to title and register it nationwide. This process and titling costs about 9 Mio. UGX (appr. 2,500 USD) So please pray for us, cause Prayer is the most powerful
Sept 23 Email from Uganda… I have come with a prayer request today for some of the kids are getting malaria fever due to mosquito bites. Please pray with us for a miracle for their mosquito nets both kids and widows too maama, is it possible for you share this prayer request on our website for our brothers and sisters to pray for us too for they are the most powerful of all.
June 6 Email from Uganda… We have sad news, I hate to share this but sometimes my minds go off and I lack what to do but share with you and seek for your prayers. We do have 3 kids who are sick and we almost lost them not untill jingo called the hospital to come and help out, kids were taken for a check up and they wouldnt be allowed to get back home but to stay in the hospital for futher treatment, all of them are having Diarrhea and yellow fever too. We have 2 widows who are sick still I couldnt allow them to be taken to hospital since its on us all coz am still sick too, I got out of hospital minus finishing up the treatment coz more funds were needed.
June 4 Email from Gambia… I am asking for prayers for our healing as we having sickness in our family right now and rainy season is coming we are really sick and worried we need your spiritual healing right now, me and 2 of my siblings, I have been trying to be strong and help my self and my family but still now we need your healing, Ebrima And Isatou are very sick at the moment and me too.