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July 2021
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Email and Images from July 8, 2021

Smiles like this is a manifestation that these children know they are deeply loved by Jesus and others in the World.

We are so much grateful and happy for the precious smile you are bringing in the lives of the children. You are truly making a difference!!. Today we decided to share our lunch with more needy kids in our community and we feel so blessed , May He continue to  use us.

May God bless you and reward you abundantly dear maama ,Dad and our dearly brothers. 


April 2021

Here just some emails from Uganda during March 2021 – Images below
Hier nur ein paar Emails aus Uganda vom März 2021 – Bilder dazu unterhalb
Übersetzer in verschiedene Sprachen – Translator into various Languages

March 3, 2021
The first time I went to Jagala (another village) I met owere Kenny’s family in a bad condition which made me shed tears and I promised them to go back and help them. After today we went back to help them with the little we have, in clothes, food and shoes. After Kenny wear the clothes and shoes we bought for him, he totally changed to another person. There are children who need our support in heathy, and basic needs. We said a prayer and asked the lord to provide for them , we couldn’t get them big meals but just for a day since we dont have now and we had a few members who wanted some food too and we decided to get back to Jagala and meet Owere’s family .

Maama please pray for them, we keep asking our lord to give them a good health and make a way for them coz only Him provides. We wish you a blessed day family

March 6, 2021
Shabath shalom dear family. We were robbed in the night and thieves got away with everything we have and left only empty beds , Enock and Lwanga were brutally beaten and we believe Enock’s leg is broken again all kids are in fear and scared . I have open up a case at the police and we have been told that they will investigate, we have moved on to the widows house now since our home is empty now , I had left home to check on my sick brother in Masaka who is sick and when I returned in the morning I found sister Joan here and got shocked with blood in the house and empty. We kindly ask for your prayers for both Enock and Lwanga for a special healing coz they are in much pain. Priscilla.

March 12, 2021
Here is a picture of LWANGA and Enock, LWANGA isn’t well so sleeps most of the time and Enock is nursing fractures from the beating but can limp around with help but spends most of the time sleeping because of the back pain. Most of the textile shops are not open till due to the riots that are here but tomorrow they will be open and we shall get all the necessities. Keep praying for us. We wish you a blessed new day and a blessed Shabath.

March 20, 2021
Hello mama am so sorry for the late response, we didn’t have internet countrywide and by the time we got the blessing didn’t have any ways of contacting you.

The overwhelming joy of hope restored is the only way I can explain how everyone feels even as I write to you after such a dark day that’s been pretty recurring in our lives here by unfortunate people who would rob from the vulnerable. We are much more grateful for the gift of good sleep again and appreciate our big family that stood in for us in these emergent times. Thank you very much. We have the police lurking around for a few days and patrolling the area but as a local post they are definitely limited on power and will do so long enough to simply offer a sense of security but a lasting security solution is one to pray for and we are also praying for the provision of light in the house again maama. I couldn’t buy the phone today, I found the shop closed where Enock bought it from but am going to buy it on Tuesday.

We wish you a blessed evening and a great Shabath night.

March 22, 2021
More Blessings to you maama for everything you have done for us in this hard times, I have been able to get the Samsung this morning and it’s so good and fast, it has been a good day and kids are trying to settle slowly. Maama I was able to share the teachings to everyone and next time I get back to town will print out some copies and share them. Its getting dark here and this phone will also help with some light in the kids room coz some cant sleep without the light now.

We wish you a great evening and a blessed new week. ❤❤ Priscilla

March 24, 2021
Sad story… These two kids have been sleeping out for two days in unknown places because they had fear to go back to their home and be seriously beaten by their new step Mom who stays with them .
Their father takes some time to come back home always goes away looking for works but when he comes back he is told bad about them and they a beaten badly.
This time they say , they were sent for something and delayed to come back and their father was told they always move like that and delay where they are sent, to make the father continue to hate them.
The same step mother who does this is also not at home when the father is away these children always take care of them selves that’s what they said. The father is also not as caring and also a pure drunkard so is not also preferably as a person who will consider taking good care of these two so he has to just hate them more because of the condition he is in too.
So we have been staying with them for two days now after we realized they always came eating at our Home when looking so dirty and unstable and leave late in the evening hoping they had gone home yet they are looking for where to sleep.

The father wasn’t caring so we have put the complaint to the LC Local Council to handle this issue as we still help them with food and shelter as we wait for the final ruling about them. Maama we dont have that much to share but we would love to help them and pray for them for the lord to provide food for them. I rest during the day coz its dark everywhere and can’t sleep that much maama and these little ones fear darkness so am up and down all night but we are doing well.

We wish you a blessed night and a blessed new day ❤❤. Priscilla.

March 28, 2021
Nice sunday to you dear family. Joan and Peter are now living with us and never going back to their drunked father’s home. Let’s keep them in our prayers for our lord to provide for their beds, clothings, blankets, mosquito nets and mattresses too.❤❤

March 29, 2021
Greetings dear maama and family… Today we got out some of our cassava and potatoes in gardens which remained coz most of our food was stolen but we got some to add on our meal to share with community orphans that come for meals and we trust our lord to provide more food to share with them everyday.

We wish you a blessed night and a great week ahead. Priscilla

March 30, 2021
Dear maama… We got our solar panel installed today but I couldn’t get the photos right away since our internet is on and off here, we thank our lord for the lights we are nolonger in darkness anymore, look at security lights outside and then our inside ones too. Thank you lord. I will be sending more pictures sometime but some aren’t loading up.

Keep is in your prayers maama, much love ❤❤ and greetings from everyone here. Blessings. Priscilla

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August 2020
Nahrung für arme Kinder in der Gemeinschaft
Kinder helfen beim Aufräumen in der Gemeinde
Behandlung für Junge mit Krebs
Kinder engagieren sich in kreativem und freudigen Lernen

Food for poor Children in the Community,
Children cleaning the Community,
Treatment for Boy with Cancer
Children engage in creative and joyful learning

Juli / July 2020

2020-07-04 - Hand of Love Uganda Waisenhaus-thank you-Liebesbriefe von Jesus-Love Letters from Jesus=> WATCH … VIDEO … ANSEHEN

Newest Images May/June/July 2020
Needy People and Children from the Community
& Our Orphanage Kids in the Gardens – Prayer Requests
Neuste Bilder Mai/Juni/Juli 2020
Bedürftige Menschen und Kinder in der Dorfgemeinschaft
& Unsere Waisenhaus-Kinder im Garten – Bitten um Gebet



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